So you're looking to get sponsored? 

Well, there's a few things we'll need to cover before then. To get on the team you are going to need to provide the following:

1- You must be at least 17+ in order to qualify. 

2- 3 photo's of you; preferably still shots or while doing a trick. (must be clear and not blurry)

3- 45 sec - 1 min sponsor me video and explain to us why we should flow or sponsor you. (video must be raw, no music, no obscene language.)

Once you have all the info together you can email your pictures and video to:


We get alot of sponsor me tapes so when get to yours we will respond with our consideration.

Now that I'm on the team, what happens next?

New comers to the team get a board and grip but do not always expect a "free handout" there are a few things we require.

1- You must be actively skateboarding; This one is obvious, as a new rider you cannot ride for another board company as this will cause conflicts. We do not "poach" other team riders this would be considered to us as Unprofessional. We require daily or weekly clips of your skating and progression tagging Neway Skateboards on any of your Social Media pages such as Facebook or Instagram etc.

2- Promote your Sponsor/Brand; As a new rider we require you to promote/ rep our products as you meet other skaters to help get our company out there. Always keep a positive attitude and support your local skate community.

We hope this covers some questions you may have and Congratulations! We look forward to working with you!